Medical toxicology is a subspecialty of Emergency Medicine. It is concerned with treating patients who have been exposed to poisons including medications, adverse drug reactions, environmental toxins, industrial chemicals, or bioterrorism agents. Medical Toxicologists are certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties.


The toxicology staff is fellowship trained at the NYU-Bellevue/NYC Poison Control Center and are certified by the American Board of Medical Toxicology:

  • Theodore C. Bania, MD, MS
  • Jason Chu, MD
  • Lauren Shawn, MD


The toxicology division has an active basic science research program. Research areas include antidotes, intravenous fat emulsions, carnitine, chemical warfare agents, cardiovascular toxin. The division's research has been presented at many national and international meetings.

Medical Student Research Elective

Medical students are welcome to participate in the toxicology research projects. Commitment is for 1 but preferable 2 months. Depending on level of participation, students have been included in abstracts, presentations and publications. Availability is limited.

Toxicology Consult Service

The Toxicology division provides as toxicology consult service. This is available to all inpatient services at SLR 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Toxicology Rotation

Our EM residents participate in a toxicology rotation at the NYC Poison Control Center. During this rotation, residents also participate in the Toxicology Consult Service and will evaluate toxicology patients admitted to the hospital or seen in the ED.