Develop Your Emergency Medicine Niche.

Our program prides itself on training future leaders in emergency medicine. Throughout their training, residents take part not only in hospital committees, but serve as members and chairs of multiple national committees as part of ACEP, EMRA, SAEM and CORD. Residents graduate from our program into successful fellowships, academic jobs and leadership roles in clinical community practice.

The three chief residents of the program are responsible for scheduling, teaching the Adam's core content portion of our conference, attending weekly educational meetings with the residency leadership and assisting with other administrative duties. For the remaining senior residents, we have developed Resident Director roles providing valuable content knowledge and practical leadership experience within each niche. These experiences have been instrumental in successful fellowship and job placement throughout the country as a result of close faculty mentorship, managerial skills and an additional body of knowledge focused in a particular discipline.

Examples of Resident Directors in the past several years include:

  • Resident Director of Ultrasound
  • Resident Director of Medical Student Education
  • Resident Director of Simulation
  • Resident Director of Prehospital Care
  • Resident Director of Global Health
  • Resident Director of Enhanced Educational Activities
  • Resident Director of Professional Development
  • Resident Director of Wilderness Medicine
  • Resident Director of Critical Care Education