Medical Students

Our medical student rotation is 4 weeks long and runs on the same academic schedule as the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. It is designed to be primarily a clinical rotation with supplemental educational events.

This rotation is currently only offered to 4th year medical students. Rotating students should have completed pre-requisite rotations in other core specialties and be well versed in those other specialties. We treat our rotation as a sub-internship and the expectation is that our rotators will as well. All patient care is to be directed by our rotating students where appropriate in conjunction with a supervising attending physician.

Our rotation is designed to be a clinical experience, thus most of the student’s time is spent working in our emergency department, with hands on teaching and learning. Students are expected to see patients independently, create focused differential diagnoses relevant to emergency medicine, and to direct the appropriate work up and treatment plans as well as dispositions for all their patients.

Clinical Experience

During each shift our students are paired with and work directly with a single attending. All shifts have one to one student to attending ratio to maximize the educational environment and provide the optimal experience throughout the rotation.